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[IP] Mis-information - Long

Richard wrote a bunch of stuff about the diffs between MNMD and D for the 
sake of comparison, but I'd like to clear up some of his so-called FACTS for 
those who may have to make a "choice" of purchasing a pump...whether it be a 
D or a MNMD.

> Disetronic's specs indicate pumping is at pressures 2-3x higher than
> MiniMed's.  This is meant to be a major design factor in reducing 
> incidence of kinkage / flow stopping.

there are numerous MNMD pumper here on rates of .1 and .2 who do not 
experience clogged tubings, yet there are pumpers with rates of 1.0 and more 
who DO get them, so I don't think the higher pressure has anything to do with 

> You accept that crimped tubing could happen with any pump.  If that's true,
> then I'm just real lucky. 

a tubing is ONLY crimped if it is literally PINCHED closed.  the simple 
action of coming out of the pump and over your belt and under your shirt, and 
through the woods to grandmother's house we go, will NOT cause the tube to 
clog.  If, however, you have it clamped in your keychain or in your zipper, 
then, whether you use the MNMD or the D, no amount of pressure is gonna 
prevent a NO DELIVERY! 

> Minimed pumpers have to straighten out tubing...hold/shake it while 
> That is a major inconvenience undecided shoppers should be aware of.
> Holding your tubing while bolusing your MM can be a ten minute proposition
> because the MM boluses .1 unit at a time or less than a unit per minute.
> That's another distinction between the MM and the D, which delivers complete
> boluses in less than 30 seconds.

never heard of any of this before...like I said, the tubing doesn't EVEN get 
crimped closed unless you MANUALLY pinch it off, like catching it in Sam's 
too tight jeans...  If the kink is INSIDE you, then there is no way to figure 
that out unless you take it out, and that kind of clog can happen to anyone 
not using a bent needle infusion set!!!  Shaking my pump does not unclog a 
clogged tubing, nor does it get rid of a NO DELIVERY when it is caused by an 
empty reservoir, which is the ONLY reason I personally have ever experienced 
this alarm.  

And FYI - FACT...I just did 1.0 unit and it took 41 seconds.  A 10 minute 
delivery would be MORE than 10 units, which is more than I bolus for ANYTHING 
even an entire pint of Ben and Jerrys!!  And I am glad it stretches it 
out...sometimes I start a bolus and then realize I miscalculated...so I can 
suspend and stop it! If you want a fact that IS a negative, sometimes the 
clicks are annoying, and if you are giving a 5 unit bolus...it can get 
embarrassing...I have been accused of having clicking and beeping boobs, but 
I don't take it personally....<g>

> my D normally pumps a unit in 7 seconds, five times faster...Facts.
> ....That time difference may or may not be significant in automatic 
> But it would be a long time to be manually holding my tubing straight out to
> prevent an occlusion.  Or tapping on my infusion set.  

yeah but tapping it or holding it straight out DOES NOT prevent an occlusion! 

> And you have to disconnect your MM around the water.  Or you have to 
> use a clamshell case and smear it with Vaseline. 

Nothing wrong with disconnecting if you are like MOST people and like to 
really PLAY in the water...There isn't anywhere on MY bathing suit where I 
can clip a pump, so what is the problem with unhooking it?  personally, I 
wouldn't want to go in the ocean with a pump attached...what if the set rips 
off and the pump gets pulled out with the rip tide...nice $5,000 investment 
gone...and when I am seadooing - I'd hate to think of the cracks my pump 
would endure if I flew over the handle bars and landed on it by 
accident...I'd just as soon leave it safely on the dock with my beer!!!  So 
the un-waterproofness isn't really a negative thing

> Because of the MM's engineering, users occasionally have to inject long
> acting insulins with syringes. 

This is NOT a fact...it has nothing to do with engineering - it is simply a 
lazy MNMD pumper who does not want to get up at 2 am and 6 am to take an 
injection on Regular insulin..since their replacement pump will be there at 

> And occasionally do without your MM pump when it goes bad because 
> you only have one (D issues a spare as standard equipment).  

yeah but only one expensive piece of medical equipment to tote around.  MNMD 
will Fed ex you the replacement even if you are in Hawaii, so why have to 
pack an extra pump when you go on vacation???

> Many pumpers write that they have and consider it normal and no big thing,
> and recommend carrying Regular insulin and syringes in case of emergency.

whether you use a D or a MNMD - this is just a smart thing to do!!!  a 
syringe and a cartridge of insulin will ALWAYS work!!!  what if your site 
rips out? and then you screw up inserting the spare you are carrying...two 
pumps are NOT gonna help you lower your blood sugar one little bit!! but that 
syringe might save your life!

> Compared to Humalog, Regular is a long acting insulin....pumpers have 
> suggested other pumpers consider using Regular for basals, because of it's 
> longer-acting character....

well, for me, Regular starts to drop me in as little as 15 minutes...granted 
I can't check in 2 hours and expect to be back to my starting place, but I 
know I will be at 3.5 hours out.  I think I said I wanted one pump for 
regular for my basal and one for H for the basals...The tail of Regular 
provides a smoother ride than the ZING of Humalog, which as we all know, when 
it is gone, it is really GONE!

> All sacrifices that MM users accept willingly because they love their 
> pumps and don't have buyers' remorse.  Yeah, it's still better than MDI.

ya know, Richard, I respect your right to have your opinion about the 
Disetronic, and I don't want there to be flame wars here, but I resent you 
insinuating that us devoted MNMD users are brainwashed into using an inferior 
product, even if that is your opinion.  Your right to have it does not give 
you the right to infringe it on me and call me wrong for having another one.  
I am not calling you WRONG for thinking the MNMD is inferior (even if in my 
opinion you are).  If a person needs help selecting a pump, I would suggest 
they ask their doctor and the pump reps for help, not this group of biased 
users...me included...It is my opinion that the D is UGLY and looks like a 
medical device but I would never call you crazy for using one!!!  

Sara who LOVES her pump and it ain't just cuz the stock hit $78 today!!!  
She'd probably buy Disetronic too if it was available!
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