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[IP] surgery on pump

Betsy wrote:

> My 17 year old son uses an insulin pump...he is having his 
> impacted wisdom teeth removed.  Eric, or course, has to go in
> fasting--nothing ot eat or drink after midnight.  Has anyone experienced
> surgery while using an insulin pump?  

I had a horrible experience last year which you can read all about in the 
archives...starting with a post called Hospital 101...but this involved 
slicing up mah belly...barium enemas and completely wretched care from 
supposed medical professionals...Dental surgery ought to be less 
stressful...but here are some snippets:

"make sure you are at a comfortable bg level for the 2-3 hours before the 
surgery - check with your doc - probably 150-180 or so YMMV.  Since you will 
probably be fasting, make sure your basals are readjusted to 
compensate....meaning you may have to lower them the day before and just 
cover for highs - VERY CONSERVATIVELY.  Don't over bolus for a high cuz you 
won't be able to eat anything to bring it up!

Then just make sure everyone knows you want you glucometer in recovery with 

Since this is just dental surgery, I doubt he will be put on an IV, but if 
so, I suggest you ask for the saline IV - if he won't be eating for a while, 
make sure they switch to dextrose IV after the surgery so he can get some 
carbs to keep from going into starvation ketosis.

ask how soon he can at least suck on dex tabs or have juice before you raise 
his basals back up...

Can you test and bolus for him if he is gonna be unconscious?  

Some dentists prescribe antibiotics before dental surgery to diabetic 
patients to avoid infections since we are supposedly more prone to them...

You should have no problem with the surgery, just don;t let them take the 
pump away from you!!!


for more info - email me directly

Sara - who has the scar to prove her point!!
*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~~~~[507]
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