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[IP] childhood pet peeves,

Susan wrote:

> I know its hard, but if your child is in control of his own disease 
> and his numbers are good, don't ask at every meal, 'what was it?
> did you give your shot yet?' One of my childhood pet peeves

Childhood???  It is one of my ADULT pet peeves...Like they would know the 
difference between a 67 and 267!!!  good for them I didn't test as a 
child...LOL.  Of course I did my pee test every so often, but always just 
announced 2 1/2 and negative whether it was 3 or 4 and trace!!

Sara, who is amazed she managed to grow up at all....
and aren't you getting tired of reading posts from me!!!  slow day at work!  
If he isnt gonna let me have it off like everyone else in town, then I am 
gonna use the time to catch  up on digests!!!
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