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[IP] Don't I feel stupid!

Denise wrote:

> Today I went to the CDE again for the second time in 2 weeks....The 
> first visit, they made me eat 4 glucose tabs, a tube of gel, and a 
> turkey sandwich with about a lb of turkey on it......another nurse 
> to sit with me in the hall til my BS was above 100, which took almost 
> an hour! 

well, you shouldn't fee stupid - they are the dummies.  Eating the turkey and 
bread did not help your blood sugar go up - in fact it probably slowed down 
the absorption of the glucose you DID get!!  next time, treat ONLY with dex 
tabs. Should NOT take an hour unless you combine complex carbs and protein, 
and you saw that same reaction today when you combined the gel with the ham 
sandwich!!!!  You probably shouldn't have had the pear either...juice, gel or 
dex tabs are quickest 

Why are you crashing like this?  Are your basals really wrong or do you over 
bolus before your doc visits to make sure you are in a "good" range when they 
test you?  I used to do that...take a big old shot about an hour before my 
appointment so I'd be lower than 457 by the time they tested me (this of 
course was pre pump, pre-testing days).  Maybe the stress causes you to crash 
- though most people go up in times of stress...figure out what is wrong so 
next time, you can handle it!

YOU are not the dumb one - don't let so-called medical professionals screw 
you up like that!!!

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