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[IP] Technical Error Messages

email @ redacted wrote:

>I have ben on the 507 for one year and have only had about 
> three no delivery alarms and two of them were my own fault no 
> insulin left 

I have been using a Minimed for over 6 years and have had DOZENS of NO 
DELIVERYalarms....fortunately for Minimed, they were *ALL* my fault.  A NO 
DELIVERY alarm feature is no reason NOT to get a Minimed!!!  Thank god for 
the alarm or I never would have refilled the reservoir!!

My daily insulin needs are anywhere from 24 - 32 (12.2 of that is basal, 
except during PMS week) and I have basals as low as .4 and sometimes .3.  
These have never caused a NO DELIVERY

Sara the commie pinko
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