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[IP] Re: relationships

Julie wrote:
> i agree that dating "normal" people can be very difficult, 

Especially if you are a heterosexual woman and like to date men...god knows 
the expression "normal man" is an oxymoron!!  Whether they have diabetes or 
couch potatoitis, or don't-bug-me-during-the-Knicksopathy, or 
Commitment-phrenia or workaholism, they are just strange, unfigure-outable 
creatures put on this earth to torment us!!!  I think diabetes is just 
another "dimension," another challenge to make us REALLY ask to we want to 

can you imagine...some couples bond over the birth of their child and other 
such "normal" things - they fight over remote controls and what kind of car 
to buy and her mother.  Two diabetics would bond over having simultaneous 
Lows following headboard banging, site ripping out  sex...they don't share 
just their feelings - they also share dex tabs and syringes!!!  "Oh honey, I 
got a no-delivery, can I borrow your pump for a quick bolus????"  "oh that is 
all you love me for...my ever ready insulin supply!!"   Their arguments would 
be why Ben and Jerry's screws her bg up no matter how much she boluses, but 
he can take 4 units and be fine;  They'd bicker on what infusion sets are 
better cuz he can't use the tender cuz he is too skinny.  if they do have 
kids, the biggest celebration won't be the high school graduation, it'll be 
graduating diabetes-free!

sigh...Lyle, if you lived in NYC, I'd give ya a call....

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