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[IP] meters

Holly wrote:

> just curious on peoples take on the Precision QID meter?  


Why do I hate it so much?  well, back when they were medisense companion 
meters, the strip was very different - the spot you put the blood was bigger, 
which I guess meant more blood, but it was easy to fill for a gusher like 
me....then they changed the strips to be more of a sucking kind...and in my 
opinion they do suck!!!  The place you aim the blood is like recessed into 
the strip and if you get a big ole hanging drop like I am so good at, it 
smears all around the recessed space, but doesn't get down in it!!!

And it is TINY!!!  Now I know not EVERY one has as bad of vision as I do, but 
I can't SEE this freaking thing at all with one eye, and if I just use one 
eye, then I have no depth perception and I look like a retard trying to get 
the blood where it is supposed to go....

so why do I still use it?  cuz it is little and unobtrusive and I can take it 
down on the gym floor and when I can manage to do not get an ERR message, the 
result is pretty close to my profile...though, I really ought to stop using 
it...I test after about 45 minutes of workout when I am usually going 
DOWN...and have even a worse time getting the blood where it is supposed to 
be - went through 5 strips one day!!!  what a waste!

whose workouts are down to $5.15....but I have 750 frequent flier miles on 
the bike!!!
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