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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

On 2 Jul 99, at 10:33, email @ redacted wrote:


Well said well said.

I think we all have to remember that when someone askes for the 
pro's and con's of a pump  their will be both pro's and CON's just 
because someone sayes what they think about the bad points of a 
pump (which i have but won't voice much since us Dis. users are 
VERY outnumbered  ha ha ha  j/k) doesn't mean they are trashing. 
 if i asked anyone if the pump is working for them or if the pump is 
good for diabetics no matter which pump they have the answer is 
YES.  both pumps have good and bad points but we must 
remember it is the end result which matters..

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