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Re: [IP] I didn't mean to sound so stupid


It sounds like the cannula is going too deep and hitting muscle.  I used to
have the same problem with sof-sets.  MiniMed will send you samples of the
Silhouettes to try, especially if you tell them the sof-sets are hurting
you.  If you like the Sils, they will exchange your sof-sets for sils.  I
haven't had any soreness since I began using the sils a year and a half
ago. In fact, I can't even feel them at all.

Mary Jean

>sorry all
> when I said pushing against the blue thing hurt, I meant the thing
>left behind after the introducer needle is removed...that's the one
>part I am fast with, taking that needle out! But I mean, the part the
>cannula is connected to hurts when pushed upon. 
> Amy

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