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Re: Subject: [IP] Pumping at School

In a message dated 7/2/99 4:52:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< I know how hard it was for me to get it at just
 the right depth at first, I can't imagine an unmotivated school nurse being
 able to handle this.  Jenna also keeps a tube of EMLA with her, so I have
 her put on some EMLA while I free myself up to get there.  She learned,
 right about her 10th birthday, how to put in her own infusion set.  So maybe
 he'll do fine at learning this summer.   You may also want to have him keep
 a stock of easy to use infusion sets, like the rapids, and you can always
 put in a new Tender/ Sil later (they're definitely harder to get in for a
 kid). >>

Dear Nancy,
	Thanks for your input on this.  I know Michael also responded and I 
want to thank him.  The reason I bring up the school nurse, is that our nurse 
was a pediatric nurse and supervisor at our local hospital for many years 
prior to taking her position with the Dept. of Health as a School Nurse.  She 
is VERY willing to learn and our CDE is VERY willing to teach her.  I know 
we're lucky to have that cooperation and if she was ever absent there is 
another nurse in our school who is equally qualified and willing to learn.  
They've had Steven for over 3 years and we've built up alot of trust in them. 
 Steven just turned 9 in May and wants to try doing the set change, but is 
scared (can you blame him?).  He uses Silhouettes because he is extremely 
thin so sof-sets are not an option for us at this time.  I go up to the 
school CONSTANTLY for problems with his asthma and I had to give up my job 
because of it.  In the beginning of the year (pre-pump) I had to go up quite 
a bit for his diabetes too.  His other meds for his asthma made controlling 
his BG's near impossible.  I really have to go back to work this year and I 
feel awfully guilty about that in the first place.  I really wouldn't know 
how to word such a request as a site change?  Any ideas?
		I have to thank you for your idea about the batteries!   I 
never thought of that!  It's only been two months and we've only had a low 
battery one time.  I'm going to take care of that request ASAP.  The other 
504 requests about taking tests we have in our paperwork already and it has 
helped us in the past.  I do like the homework idea and I think we will 
consider adding a request like this.  Last year was difficult and we did 
homework through high BG's and ketones when he was on steroids several times 
and it was awful for BOTH of us!  Thanks for the advice!  I appreciate the 
input and anything else anybody can think of!

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