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Re: [IP] I didn't mean to sound so stupid

Hi Amy -

You know, when i started on the pump, I knew that the Sof-set hurt a lot
that hwole first day, and then switched to the silhouette.  I've only been
on a pump since January 12th, but have you thought about just using the
silhouette?  Does that also hurt?  Have you tried a silhouette?  In the end,
Mini-Med told me thay think I mmight be too thin to use the Sof-set - are
you thin?  I'm NOT that thin, but clearly the sof-set doesn't work.  Changed
it one night, and when I got to work the next morning at 6:30, shortly after
it started to beep, and wehn I went home and called Mini-med, they had no
explanation.  That was about the third time that the Sof-set had failed in 4

After I took the needle out with the Sof-set, the whole set hurt too.
Unlike the silhouette!  Have you tried it?

Let me know,  Jane
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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 4:30 PM
Subject: [IP] I didn't mean to sound so stupid

>sorry all
> when I said pushing against the blue thing hurt, I meant the thing
>left behind after the introducer needle is removed...that's the one
>part I am fast with, taking that needle out! But I mean, the part the
>cannula is connected to hurts when pushed upon.
> Amy
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