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Re: [IP] meters

Holly -

I found that by participating in studies, you are given both meters and
strips.  I swear by One Touch, but
I've gotten other meters and strips which I've turned over to my nurse
educator or other diabetics.  They're expensive - at about $100 each!  I
know you'll hear from other people about your Fast Take, but I would love to
have it!  i would be happy to pay postage - but I know you'll get lots of
responses, and maybe other people
really NEED it.  I know my K-Mart near me always has the test strips
disappearing between Thanksgiving and Christmas, because peopsle can''t
afford the strips.  I have one in my house (of course) and one at work also,
because wehn it's low, I can't always tell, and need to check.

Very considerate of you to make the offer!    Jane
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From: Holly Nelson <email @ redacted>
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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 4:16 PM
Subject: [IP] meters

>I just wanted to let those on the list looking to get a meter without
>purchasing it, keep asking the companies.  I have successfully gotten 5
>meters in the last two weeks without purchasing them.  They are not all for
>my son, 2 are--one we started using as his primary and the second is a
>backup for school (I am thinking ahead).  The others went to friends who
>asked for the assistance.  I even got one for a fellow IP member.  If
>needs assistance please let me know, and I will try my best.  By the way I
>have a spare Fast Take for anyone willing to pay the postage.  It is just
>the meter, not the whole kit, but I do not need it, and it is wasting
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