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No Subject

So I am a new pumper, but I am just starting to make use of these features.

It is important to note that you can achieve the same effect on a D by using
a higher temporary basal rate along with a bolus.

I am close to a vegetarian in diet - lots of beans - which are slow to
If I take a bolus without spreading some of it out in a dual/square wave,
I risk going low.  The same goes for a big mac w/ lots of fat - its slower
digest.  This feature is most useful to those with gastro_______, the
complication that ultimately slows digestion...

I know you are having a hard time deciding, but really I can't see you being
unhappy with either.  I love my minimed... I picked it primarily because
of its appearance, the other looked too "medical" to me.  The point is that
it is kind of like buying a car.  You might like the cup holders of one car
better and the color of another better, but are you honestly going to
be disappointed with a new car???


<<Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 13:33:10 -0400
From: nancy apple <email @ redacted>

I would very much appreciate hearing from MM pumpers as to whether or
not you make use of the square wave and/or dual wave bolus features.  If
you do use these features, how significant are they to your diabetes
management?  i.e Do you feel that it makes a significant difference? 
Also, how often do you square/dual wave bolus, and why?   If you have a
MM pump and do not use these features, why not?
Thank you all ahead of time for your responses!
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