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[IP] Supplies Interchangeable?


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for anything you're moved to send.  I too am on a fixed income so I know how it is to wait for that check. I will reimburse you for postage gladly.

I use a Diesetronic pump and although I generally use the Tenders, someone told me they were interchangeable with MM Silhouettes- actually at this point, any kind of pump supplies would be helpful.  I'm not going to be choosy about getting the preffered kind at this point.
(I am posting this in the news group, on the off chance anyone else out there might want to help out. If so please e-mail me!)  I hate to beg, but hey, pride IS one of the 7 deadly sins, and I wouldn't mind cutting back!  

I am always so amazed that the people who have the least seem to give the most.  God bless you. and Thanks again.


 ---- On Jun 30 email @ redacted wrote: 
>  Dianne,
>  Sorry it is taking so long to send out the supplies. But as we are also on a 
> fixed income sometimes things just have to wait til the beginning of the next 
> month. 
>   I am also enclosing some other stuff that we have extras of. Wasn't sure if 
> you use humalog, but I'm sending one of those too. 
>   What kind of sets do you use with your insulin pump? If its ones we don't 
> use maybe I have a few i can send ,too. 
>    Since Monday is the federal holiday, I will be sending your package on 
> Tuesday. If thers anything else you can use, let me know.  Doreen-mom of 2 
> pumpers

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