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[IP] Re: Endo Wants 50/50 mix

Thanks to all who keep answering my never-ending questions.  My current
problem is our endo wants Kelly to start on a 50/50 mix of humalog and
regular.  He likes the idea of a "tail", and says children go into DKA
very quickly.  Now I can totally see his reasoning for someone who has a
very strong Dawn phenomenon, sleeps through alarms, or is generally not
consistent in checking glucose levels, but none of these apply.  Kelly
IS sensitive to humalog, as I believe most children are, 1U drops her
about 120 pts, but it seems to me that a 50/50 ratio is going to be too
much of a tail.   I recall some of you using the 5/1 ratio STILL feel
the tail.  What do you all think?

Incidentally, we had our training with the Disetronic rep recently, and
my husband has been pumping saline for a few days, in a show of support
for Kelly.  I got to insert the Tender which has definitely helped my
confidence in knowing that I can actually do it on a live human being.
The funny thing about my husband wearing it, is that he wears a jumpsuit
type uniform like the astronauts wear, so he's been threading the tubing
through his fly and sticking it in his pocket.  I of course had tons of
better and more discrete suggestions from this list for him, but he
wanted people to see and notice in an effort to spread understanding.

So once the doctor's back in town, we'll be going live.  Thanks in
advance for all your help.

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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