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[IP] Disaster with Rapids

I tried a Rapid infusion set last night out of desperation. I've used the
Tenders since I got my D pump, but am having problems with where to insert.
I've used the pump for almost 3 years and have found that I get the best
absorption and timing in my thighs. But the big problem now is that I can
seldom insert one without hitting or nicking a vein. Even the news of a
shorter Tender cannula doesn't seem to be a solution. So I thought that the
Rapid with its straight-in approach would be the answer. I had to put in a
new cartridge last night and in the process could not find a spot for the
Tender. So I dug out a Rapid that I had received with the pump. Yes, I do
usually change my sets at bedtime, have never had a problem, this time set
the alarm for 3am to check because of different set. Problem 1 - I never did
need the 3am alarm because I woke around 1am (a little after an hour of
insertion) knowing I was REALLY low. So low I didn't even think of testing
but knew I needed some glucose tablets. So I took 3, waited awhile, didn't
seem to have any effect, took 4 more (I use Dextrotabs which usually raise
bgs by 8 but for me 10 - 20). Finally about 50 min later I had the presence
of mind to test bg and it was 59. Waited another 20 min and tested again and
it was 57! Further complication of this episode was that I was suppose to be
fasting for blood work in the morning and so I wanted to stick to glucose
tablets. I took a couple more. I started to feel better so I set my alarm
for 4am. I woke up and tested and it was 30! So I gave up on the tablets and
had 4oz of orange juice. Waited 30 min and my bg was 84 so I went back to

Problem 2 - I woke up with bg of 236. Ok, I thought, it's probably a rebound
after such severe lows - bolused an adjustment. Went to the hospital for
blood tests and checked right before - 287. Took a bolus for the increase.
Had test, ate breakfast, tested mid-morning and was 372! So I went home and
changed the set back to the Tender. Late afternoon I am finally getting
things back under control. What I found when I changed was blood in the
tubing and no insulin coming through yet I had received no alarms.

So my first try of the Rapids was a complete disaster. I am not ready to
give up yet but am waiting for the Rapid with the quick-connect (I change my
cartridge about every 10 days and can't imagine wasting so much insulin by
changing the complete set every couple of days) and would also try a shorter
needle length (set I used was 8mm). My biggest problem is avoiding veins
when inserting but at least with the Tenders they don't seem to cause many
bg problems. But I still am running out of places to put them.

Any other suggestions?

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