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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

As one of the Admins who uses a Disetronic, let me second what 
Mary Jean has said.  If I didn't have a Disetronic, you bet I would be 
using a Minimed.

This site is for the sharing of knowledge of the therapeutic benefits 
of Insulin Pumping and the different techniques that users have for 
dealing with the million other idiosyncrasies that we encounter as 
Diabetics.  Both machines (someday all four) are recognized as 
contributing greatly to our health.   What is important to me is for 
the first time in the past 35 years I was able to get an A1c under 
7.0 (a 6.1 as a matter of fact, whooop!!!).  And one of the big 
reasons I was able to get here was the knowledge I've gained from 
being in this group.   

So, let's declare a truce. If you want to "snipe" at the other pump, 
PLEASE take it Private.  We all are entitled to our opinions, we 
just don't have to drag down the whole group with them.

> someone said:
> > I think ALL the admins use MM. 
> No, actually, it is pretty evenly divided.  Of the eight admins, I know of
> 3 Disetronic users and 3 MM users.  The other two, I'm not sure of because

> If I didn't have my MM pump, I would be thrilled to have a Disetronic.  I
> know Disetronic users who also say that if they couldn't have their
> Disetronic, they wouldn't hesitate to use a MM.  Either one is better than
> injections, for most people.
> Mary Jean

George Lovelace
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