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[IP] re:camp

Hey all!
 Did you/can you get discounts for camp? The one I'm going...my first
in ten years...is $400 b/c I am an out of stater, personally, it just
seems like a bunch, b/c we'll get the same things an in stater will
get, but I hope it's worth it..it's my parents $. It's at the end of
this month and should be ok with the pump, I'm *sure* (hoping!) the
basals and such will be set.
 And I just enjoyed a piece of cake with a bolus..my first real snack
on the pump! I just couldn't resist, and my bg was 105, so I'll see in
2 hours, funny having to eat the serving size piece with the frosting
to be sure I bolused correctly for the carbs...lol, a NICE worry!

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