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Re: [IP] a couple of ?s

>  2. Will MM most likely send me like 3 silhouettes to try or do I
>  have
> to trade in a box of Sof-sets?
Call and ask for samples. They will probably send you a couple.

>  3. Do you bolus at all after the shower for what you've missed?
>  even
> if it's only like .2?
>  4. Is there a great carb counting book out there? We've been using
>  a bunch of brochures they bombarded us with at the hospital. 
There is a good list in the back of Pumping Insulin that can be 
reduced slightly and the whole thing will fit on the front and back 
of a single 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. Also check the web site BOOKS page. The 
best recommendations from our members are listed there. There are 
three kinds of books. Fast Food places, Ingredients (flour, sugar, 
etc...) and Things -- apples, serving of X, serving Y,.....

>  5. Why is this always true..the little blue thing on the Sof-Set
>  hurts
> if you push on it? That's one thing I don't like about the Sof-set,
> if you bump anything or even lean on it, it hurts!
The BLUE THING is the introducer needle and should be REMOVED once 
the set is in place. OUCH!!! no wonder it hurts.

>  Thanks all! I hope we make some more changes today..Oh yeah, the .6
>  at > night worked I guess, but I was on the high side, so my theory is
> I'll probably end up alternating .6 and .7 hourly throughout the
> night.

No, don't do that. Stick with the 0.6 and let you bg's rise slightly, 
or at the most use 2 rates with the later one letting you rise a tad.
>  thanks

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