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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

> Whoever that was intended for....it wasn't very nice.  I think maybe
> the person with the D who was answering the question felt that there
> is so much you hear about the MM and the D gets very little
> exposure, he just felt that he wanted to say he was very pleased
> with the D as we are.  We all need to step back and remember we are
> on here to help each other and not snap each others heads off.

Lets not have a flame war here please. The reason you hear more about 
MM and less about D has more to do with market share than the 
relative merits of the two pumps. BOTH pumps are fine pieces of 
equipment. In the US, MM has 80% of the market share and D has 20%. 
If you lived in Europe, which has slightly more folks than the US, 
the market share for D is 80% and MM 20%. What do you think you would 
here there??? :-).  Either pump is better than 3 - 5 shots a day no 
matter what the minor differences between them may be. 

If you have something to say about a pump YOU USE and can speak about 
on a first hand basis, by all means share what you know, but don't 
knock the "other" guy just because you happen to not have chosen that 

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