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[IP] Pumping at School

Hi Everybody,
		Ok, I know you're all thinking, "School's out, why talk about 
it?" LOL!  Well, I'm busy filling out 504 forms and I've got some questions 
for all of you veteran parents of pumpers.  

1.  If your child experiences a "No Delivery" alarm and it is determined that 
the infusion set needs to be changed, what do you do?  My son is 9 and quite 
possibly will learn to change his own over the summer, but if he doesn't, I 
want the nurse to do it.  He was only on the pump for the last two months of 
school so we only had one alarm for that and I went up and changed his set.  
It was clogged.  Now I don't expect this to be something that happens all of 
the time, but when it does, how do all of you handle it?  Nurse, you or the 
child (with supervision by the nurse of course)?  

2.  Can anybody think of any other issues that might come up with the pump, 
which might need to be outlined or addressed on a 504?  I'm already up at the 
school constantly for his asthma or his diabetes and this year I NEED to go 
back to work during the day.  I can't be there constantly like I was to 
handle issues that they should handle.  Obviously, any time there is any 
doubt, I'm there in a minute, but as far as what the school should be 
expected to handle, I'd like some input on how other parents have handled it. 
 We have a handle on the lows and such but I'm mainly interested in issues 
that pertain just to the pump....eg: operations, alarms, set changes, etc.  
ANY input would be very much appreciated.

Looking forward to a MUCH less stressful school year in Sept.!
Kelly (Mom of Steven dx. 2/96 & pumping, Brian dx. 12/97 on MDI, Billy dx. 
9/98 on MDI and Lisa.....NO DX! :-)
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