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> I would very much appreciate hearing from MM pumpers as to whether or
> not you make use of the square wave and/or dual wave bolus features.  If
> you do use these features, how significant are they to your diabetes
> management?  i.e Do you feel that it makes a significant difference? 
> Also, how often do you square/dual wave bolus, and why?   If you have a
> MM pump and do not use these features, why not?
> Thank you all ahead of time for your responses!
> 							Nancy
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Hi Nancy,

I use them at every single meal.  They're crucial to my control.  I
suppose I could get the same effect by setting temporary basals (if
you do that on a D, does it automatically return to the normal basal),
but I prefer not to.

It's important to me because I'm particularly susceptible to delayed
digestion if I eat high fat foods.  For example, one of the local
Mexican food places has a really huge burrito (refries, guac, sour
cream, cheese, etc, no meat).  I'd guess it weights about 13 or 14
Oz, maybe even a pound.  After I eat one of those, I generally give a
small (1 U) bolus just after eating, then set a square wave to give me
about 1 U/hr for 6 hours or so.

At breakfast, I eat 1/2 cup of Grape nuts, bolus 1.1 at eating, and
another 1.2 over 1 1/2 hours.  That keeps me in range pretty much
straight through.

If you find you peak really high right after eating, then drop again,
you may not need it.

Hope this helps.

Dave Breeden                                           email @ redacted
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