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[IP] Things to not say to your diabetic children

I would like to put together a list of suggested do's and don'ts for 
parents of diabetic children.  I am 21, soon to be 22 years old, and
have been diabetic since I was 6 years old.  I had some "difficulties"
with this growing up and want to just give a few tidbits of advice...
it will obviously be opinion based and not meant to be taken as a
"this is the way it should be done," but more rather here are what
some adults are saying about childhood.  I may, time-permitting,
also ask the children pumper's mail list as this may be even more
worthwhile if I guarantee their anonimity. 

Please email me any thoughts you have on this that you gleamed from
growing up as a diabetic.  I am striving to prevent rebellion, 
a popular topic these days, and to produce happy, healthy children.

Please email me personally, not to the list (don't want it overwhelmed),
at email @ redacted with any direct tidbits of advice.  I will compile
a list, repost it and talk to michael
about getting it on the site, IF enough people respond.  One person's
advice doesn't hold much merit (i.e. this is worthless if it only
represents ONE person's opinion!), so please reply!

One last note, please use the same title as on this message so that
my mail program can automatically filter these messages out of my
primary mailbox!

Thanks so much,
Susan Fisher
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