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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

In a message dated 7/1/99 11:33:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 That time difference may or may not be significant in automatic operation.
 But it would be a long time to be manually holding my tubing straight out to
 prevent an occlusion.  Or tapping on my infusion set.  That was what I was
 getting at.
 And in a situation where the user was experiencing line or site occlusions,
 might it not take longer to deliver the same infusion?
 That others have occlusion problems bothers me.  Do you think someone
 selecting a pump ought not to have this information?
In 11 weeks of pumping with the MM I have never had to hold the tubing in 
order to give a bolus.  This is not a normal occurrence but was mentioned 
happening occasionally in some individuals.  Surely Richard you have had 
something happen to you that is out of the ordinary for other Disetronic 
users.  I would be pet peeved with anything if I had to stand that long to do 
it.  But that information just isn't true.  I haven't had one occluded line 
yet.  I think you are exaggerating the difference here three minutes vs one 
what is the big deal.  it still gets into your body and is still used.  I 
think the minimed has some advantages that you haven't pointed out like a 
dual wave and square wave bolus, the fact that it appears easier to operate 
with less buttons to push.  I just think if you are going to inform you need 
to point out all the differences.  Not just those that are what you think to 
be important.

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