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Re: Re : [IP] Camps

This camp discussion comes down to this.  Some of us are "camp" people and 
some of us are not.  I have been involved at a regular camp, a diabetes camp, 
a cancer camp, a mental retardation camp.  I loved them all.  I like swimming 
and volleyball and those stupid songs and skits.  I never thought about being 
"different" or one of "those" people.  I was too busy having fun.  I 
understand there are people who are NOT camp people.  One of my sons is not a 
camp person.  The other one is.  They are non-DMers and went to regular camp. 
 My non camper son did not like feeling forced to play games that he didn't 
want to play.  People are different.  Camp works for some and not for others. 
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