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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

In a message dated 7/2/99 1:33:24 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I'm opinionated. >>

Richard, I am glad you are opinionated.  I wear a D pump too and am glad you 
made your comments.  I do not make comments about the D pump at this site 
anymore, but send my comments directly to the individual who asks the 
question.  The reason I do this is because we are a definite minority at this 
site and everytime I make a positive comment about the D pump, 10 people who 
use MM say something like MM is just as good or I am unfairly trashing the 
other pump.  We are all believers in our pumps and I guess we DO become 
emotionally attached to these machines.  I really don't care what pump people 
choose.  It is a personal decision.  I do like for people to have a choice.  
If I wanted a square wave, I would consider the MM, but I don't care about 
that feature.  I like the fact that I can spend the day at the beach with my 
D pump attached and that I have an extra pump.  MM users don't care about 
these features.  I like the fact that I have never had alarms go off in 3+ 
years except the one to change the battery.  I am a member of a support group 
with MM and D pumpers and I think MM users do have more problems with their 
pump.  There are a couple of D pumpers who have problems and there are some 
MM pumpers with no problems, but that has been my personal observation.  I 
have NO facts.  I believe the reason for more MM problems is because there 
are alot of extra features on the MM pump and therefore more chance of 
something going wrong.  This is just my opinion.  Like I said, I don't care 
which pump people use.  I think they should pick one that fits their 
lifestyle.  I do NOT think Richard was "trashing MM" just because he likes 
his D pump.
People are continually asking about pump differences.  There is much more pro 
MM comments on this site than pro D because the majority on this site use MM. 
 I think ALL the admins use MM.  I personally like having some specific pro D 
pump comments.  It helps inform people.  ellen
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