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Re: [IP] when to change set.../High glucose question

Reading these posts about high bgs during the night and DKA brings me to this 
question about my high bgs.  I can have bgs of 600 without any symptoms and 
also of 20 without symptoms.  I do have the unawareness syndrome, but I'm 
beginning to think this might be kind of a good thing.  I check my bgs often 
and even if I woke up with a bg of 600, I could treat it and I would be fine 
in a couple of hours.  I think because I am on the pump and can treat these 
so quickly with humalog, I never have problems that warrant ER care.  What is 
this phenomenon?  Does anyone have a clue?  I was under the impression that 
my bg would have to be high for a long time to go into DKA, but I guess some 
people go into it very quickly.  While some have seizures or convulsions or 
become very ill, why am I just able to treat these problems so easily?  I was 
giving credit to the pump and my frequent bg checks, but maybe it is much 
more complicated than this.  ellen
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