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[IP] a couple of ?s

HI all
 Well, I shouldn't look at graphs of my bg! not very encouraging, but
at least I can stay on the graph for once!
 A few quick questions--
 1. Does anyone else notice a lot more stomach aches with the pump (for
no apparent reason) than on shots?
 2. Will MM most likely send me like 3 silhouettes to try or do I have
to trade in a box of Sof-sets?
 3. Do you bolus at all after the shower for what you've missed? even
if it's only like .2?
 4. Is there a great carb counting book out there? We've been using a
bunch of brochures they bombarded us with at the hospital. 
 5. Why is this always true..the little blue thing on the Sof-Set hurts
if you push on it? That's one thing I don't like about the Sof-set, if
you bump anything or even lean on it, it hurts!
 Thanks all! I hope we make some more changes today..Oh yeah, the .6 at
night worked I guess, but I was on the high side, so my theory is I'll
probably end up alternating .6 and .7 hourly throughout the night.

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