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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

Richard, I fully agree with you that all potential users should have the
facts before they select a pump.  BUT we do want them to be facts, not
opinions.  I'm curious where you've obtained the fact that one pump has
more or less occusions in the tubing than another.  I've not seen this data
anywhere.  We've had a few anectodotal reports of "no delivery" messages
from MM users (for many different reasons), but since 90% of the people on
this list use MM, most of all the pump questions and problems talked about
here are related to those with MM.

From: "Richard Aleksander" <email @ redacted>
<<<That others have occlusion problems bothers me.  Do you think someone
selecting a pump ought not to have this information?<<<<<<<

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