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Re: [IP] Technical Error Messages

Nancy,  The catheters used by D and MM are identical and  VERY resistant to
kinking or crimping.  The slightly  higher pumping pressure in the D will
not correct for a kink in the tubing (indeed it could make it worse
depending on how it was formed).  If there is a "clot" in the tubing then
higher pressure in the D might actually push this into you, which is not
desirable.  BUT given the smooth polyethlyene lining of the tubing and H,
such clots are extremely rare.   The pumps are pretty even on any sort of
ranking.  I take about the same daily dose as you and occasionally get the
"no delivery" beep.  However, I'm glad for this reminder, because it occurs
becauseI forgot to refill the syringe *S* .   In the past, faulty
lubrication in the syringe could cause the plunger to bind, but this is no
longer a problem if you follow the recommended procdures for filling.

At 12:59 PM 6/30/1999  Nancy apple wrote:
>>I am having second thoughts about purchasing the MM pump ever since a
>>pumper told me that he had experienced frequent "No Delivery Messages"
>>but does not have this problem with the Diestronic.  He also led me to
>>believe that MM could would be problematic since my daily insulin intake
>>is low (about 27 units).

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