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Re: [IP] I'm home!!

Sherry, if you ate 20 g of glucose and your BG continued to fall, then that
means that you just had way too much insulin.  Drinking OJ might work
better under the identical circumstances, but if it does it would only mean
you took in a whole lot more sugar.    Straight glucose will always work
faster than sucrose, which first has to be broken down into glucose and
fructose in your GI tract.  There are two possible ways that you could have
observed what you did.  The first is simply that you took a whole lot more
sucrose in your candies and sodas (this is the most likely reason), and the
second is that if you still have some functioning beta cells, the rapid
rise in BG caused by the glucose ingested could cause the cells to dump
more insulin.   But this is very unlikely in type I after a few years.
It's also not a good idea to over interpret data from one or two tests on
different days with different conditions.  I don't see how you could
possibly find a difference between sweet tarts and lifesavers IF matched
their amounts of sugar.  They both are made of pretty much the same thing!
Glucose tabs are still the best way to go to treat a hypo--just remember to
take enough.

<<<<<In defense of Amy, I have been hearing all of the raves about glucose tabs
here and couldn't remember why I didn't use them.  So I did a test.  I seem
to have predictable hypos at the same time of day that need the same amount
of carbs.  I am adjusting my insulin to stop this but thought why not use
them to test reaction times.  Twice I treated with 20g carb of Glucose Tabs,
and both times 1/2 hour later I was 10 points lower, and an hour later was
20 points lower. (Good thing i started at 65 and could treat the 35 with
something else.  After an hour I drank some OJ and it went up.  two hours
later my bg spiked.  Ok then two times I tried tried 20g Carb of Sweet Tarts
and had the same reaction.  Both times started between 65-70.  Then last,
two times I tried it with 26g carb of OJ and both times within 1/2 hour my
bg was up to 95.    Bg did not spike later.  So I guess neither glucose tabs
nor sweet tarts work for me.  Amy might have been better off using something
What works for me is Lifesavers (~20 minutes), OJ (~15 minutes), or Regular
Soda(~25 minutes).  When I was younger my moms cureall was mixing two
tablespoons of sugar into an 8oz glass of OJ.  It always took me from 20-100
real fast. <LOL>

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