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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

Please do not take this reply as an "attack"  I am truly a pacifist!  I think 
Richard was merely pointing out some differences, not "trashing" MM.  As for 
your statement that 70-80% of pumpers "choose" Minimed, I take issue with 
that!  A lot of patients are given no choice whatsoever in the matter!  I 
actually had to change physicians in order to be able to get a Disetronic 
pump!  My doctor was being set up with a pump program by MM and was not even 
interested in discussing the information I had researched about both pumps.  
You probably don't remember my original post here, but it was asking for 
advice about whether or not to change doctors because the only thing she 
could say about MM was that "it looks nicer, more like a beeper"  That wasn't 
good enough for me after all the research I had done and  after deciding that 
the Disetronic fit my lifestyle better and was the "machine" I was looking 
for mechanically.  

Yes, we Disetronic pumpers are very loyal to our pumps, just as you Minimed 
pumpers are.  Let's not get so hot under the collar when we try to exchange 
important information!  The Disetronic DOES operate differently.  It IS 
waterproof.  The cartridge set-up IS different--these are all things that a 
person considering which pump to purchase might want to know.  I thought we 
were here to share information, not to get beaten up whenever we express an 

Take care, Sam.  Have a wonderful, safe holiday--and enjoy your pump.  I know 
I'll be enjoying mine--even though they ARE different!
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