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Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin Book

> I was told by my pump trainer not to get this book as the information was 
> old. How current is the info included?
> ----------------------------------------------------------

"Pumping Insulin" shows a Revision date of 1994, and the "How To 
Use Humalog" addendum shows a copyright of 1997. Now if your 
trainer is judging the book solely on Chapter 12 concerning the 
"Unused Insulin Rule", there are 20 other chapters of useful and 
timely information that they have ignored. As a point, one reviewer 
wrote that "Chapter 20 is worth the price of the book for ANYONE 
with diabetes" (caps are mine). In this chapter the authors discuss 
preventing and reversing the complications of diabetes which even 
MDIers could benefit from. So a lot of the information remains 
timeless, and as for the issues with Humalog not addressed in the 
addendum, WE are still in the process of discovering and 
discussing those issues today.

Happy Pumping
George Lovelace
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