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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

At 03:42 PM 7/1/1999  Richard Aleksander wrote:
 >Disetronic's specs indicate pumping is at pressures 2-3x higher than
 >MiniMed's. This is meant to be a major design factor in reducing 
incidence of kinkage / flow stopping.
 >You accept that crimped tubing could happen with any pump.  If that's true,
 >then I'm just real lucky.

Every time it's happened to me, it's because I tightened my belt too tight 
and my middle, not being as small as it used to be, occasionally smashes 
the tubing. As I said, this has happened twice in 13 months. In both cases, 
I just loosened my belt and the problem went away. I don't see this as a 
design problem on MM's part, but more of a weight problem on my part. :-)

 >You say all that Minimed pumpers have to do in case of a kink is straighten
 >out your tubing and hold it and / or shake it while bolusing.

I must not have made myself clear... see above. Just loosing my belt took 
care of the problem. Moving to the next size trousers may be even a better 
long-term solution. <grin>

 >That is a major inconvenience undecided shoppers should be aware of.
 >Holding your tubing while bolusing your MM can be a ten minute proposition
 >because the MM boluses .1 unit at a time or less than a unit per minute.
 >That's another distinction between the MM and the D, which delivers complete
 >boluses in less than 30 seconds.

I've never had to hold my tubing while bolusing, and neither has anyone 
else that I've ever talked to. And, unless you are bolusing a huge amount 
(like over 25-30 units) I've never had a bolus take more than a couple of 
minutes at the most. In fact I'm often glad for the extra time. If I ever 
bolus the wrong amount (and this happens), I have time to suspend the pump 
and re-try.

 >And you have to disconnect your MM around the water.  Or you have to use a
 >clamshell case and smear it with Vaseline.  (the D is fully waterproof
 >without additional bulk.)

This has never been a problem. Unless I'm taking a shower, I'm never that 
close to water (not counting walking on the beach). Here in the NW where 
rain lasts forever, I've never had the least amount of problems. The MM is 
water resistant. There have been many water dunkings reported here that 
have never cause a problem. If scuba diving and lap swimming with the pump 
attached is important, then by all means look at the Disetronic. Most of 
us, however, just disconnect for swimming, since exercise often lowers BGs 

 >Because of the MM's engineering, users occasionally have to inject long
 >acting insulins with syringes.  (This D pumper has never returned to

Again, I've never heard of anyone having to use long acting insulin with a 
pump... that would defeat the whole purpose of pumping. There was one case 
where a doctor who was ambivalent about the pump had the patient continue 
long-acting insulin. But this was more due to his ignorance than any design 

 >And occasionally do without your MM pump when it goes bad because you only
 >have one (D issues a spare as standard equipment).  But MM'll get you a
 >loaner within 24 hours, so you feel they give good service even as you
 >return to MDI.

 >All sacrifices that MM users accept willingly because they love their pumps
 >and don't have buyers' remorse.  Yeah, it's still better than regular MDI.
 >But why should a new pumper put up with all that if he doesn't have to?

You obviously believe that there is only one "right" pump for everyone. I 
respectfully do not agree. (Since 70-80 percent of pumpers in the US are 
using the MiniMed, they must be doing something right). If MM was as bad as 
you say, their sales should be dropping radically. Poorly designed products 
do not sell year after year. And I personally have never had any remorse. 
The pump does exactly what I want it to do. 99.9 percent of problems that 
I've had have been due to operator error. I would assume that most MM users 
are perfectly happy with their decision. As I've always said, both are good 
pumps. Choose the one you like and you'll be happy with it. However, it's 
not necessary to trash the other brand to make you feel good about your 

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