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Re: [IP] Carb/BG/Insulin Ratios


There is a great book available called "Stop the
Rollercoaster."  It is written for people who are taking
injections and on MDI.  It will help you to find your carb
ratios, etc. for that method.  The author is the same
person who wrote "Pumping Insulin" (John Walsh, et. al.). 
You can order the book from http://www.amazon.com.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.


--- Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hey everyone.
> I need some help.
> I am still on MDI and the doctor has completely revamped
> my insulin
> schedule and started me on
> Humalog, so the rolarcoaster begins.  My old scale of
> high bgs/insulin
> is no longer working, because
> the humalog is so much faster then the Regular.  Also, I
> have never
> figured out my carb/bg ratio, so
> now that I am taking shots with every meal I need to know
> that.  Any one
> figure these ratios out 
> with MDI?  HELP!  I looked at how to figure it out on the
> pump, but with
> my NPH still lurking from
> my morning shot, I don't know how effective that method
> would be.  
> Thanks, Sherry


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