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Re: [IP] DON'T feel stupid ! ! !

I do remember your post and there is no reason for you to feel 
"stupid", unless you have a "really bad" endo/CDE.  From what you 
describe below, I do wonder.  Switching from N/L/U to pumping 
Humalog is not easy.  My CDE was on call 24/7 to assist in any 
problem that I might have.  I contacted her daily with readings 
which were taken before each meal and post prandial, plus at least 
one AM reading usually around 3 (thats to check on the dawn 
phenom.)  It does take time to "work out" all the old insulin in your 
system, and then even longer to fine tune the basals, around 3 
weeks, possibly as long as 6.  Considering your lows, I would want 
to test, test, test and test.  Once you get that basal set, you will 
really start to see some improvements.

> Today I went to the CDE again for the second time in 2 weeks. I don't know if
> anyone remembers my post about how they want me to eat 6 times a day and how
> hard that is for me, well I guess they will get me to eat no matter what it
> takes! Both times there I had a very bad hypo. The first visit, they made me
> eat 4 glucose tabs, a tube of gel, and a turkey sandwich with about a lb of
> turkey on it. Then because her next appt was waiting for her, she got another
> nurse to sit with me in the hall til my BS was above 100, which took almost an
> hour! Then today it happened again, I was already to leave when I started to
> feel funny and my legs felt like sphaghetti. So we went back in and I tested.
> I was only 27! So bring in the food!They started me off with the tube of
> glucose, then a pear, then a turkey and ham sandwich! Well of course after 45
> minutes and 3 more BS test I was 90, so they let me go! While I was doing all
> this eating and testing they called my Endo and made an appt for me to be seen
> ASAP. I have one more appt with her in August, can't wait to see what happens
> at that one! I better go a buffet before I see her this next time!!
> Denise

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