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Re: [IP] when to change set...

In a message dated 7/1/99 5:39:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Ellen, if you go to bed with a good BG around 100, it is not possible to go
 into DKA by morning even if you totally disconnected.  For me, I'd wake
 with a BG of 250 - 300 if that ever happened.  I'd then take a shot of 5 U
 of H, and fix the set.  But as I said, this has never happened in a year
 and a half, and  I doubt it happens very often in anyone afer the honeymoon
 pe >>

See this isn't true for everyone. I know my dawn phenomenon is a 300 point 
rise.  If I started at 100 and didn't get the insulin I would be at least 400 
by 8am. that wouldn't count if I ate before and was off on the carb ratio or 
the insulin I would miss between bed and 4am when my blood sugar rises.  I 
may not be in DKA but would be very sick.

That is why I don't change mine at night.
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