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Re:[IP]help with rebellion-Lori

     I think it all depends on your personality.  Some people don't mind
being identified primarily as a diabetic (and I have to agree w/ Lori that
that's what "special" camps do, whether they're for diabetics, people
w/developmental disabilities or other "conditions"),<<

Thanks Aimee,
There is a bit more to it than that for me though.  I don't think that Sherry will probably relate to Showdown with Diabetes if she does read it.  I've worked v. hard all of my 28 years with diabetes at being in control of not only the disease, but also myself.  To me that has meant some extreme challenges that I didn't tell those of the "normal" lifestyle were challenges.  It gets harder when the complications come anyway......and hence the list, mostly for listening, occasionally for posting.  With the list, I'm still "invisibly diabetic" though.  While I always have let people know that I have diabetes, I make certain that it does not affect them.  As I said, I still would rather spend a week anywhere other than one of "those" camps.  I don't condemn those that have liked them, but hope that it isn't offered as a panacea.  It would seem to me that someone who is rebelling would not be a good candidate.
Take care,