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[IP] re: insertion before bed

While I too have done before bed insertions, it is not the ideal time to do 
it for medical reasons independant of it being a nicer time because life is 
less rushed then.  If you choose to try it, keep in mind how long humalog 
hangs around for you if htat's what you're on (not long for a lot of us) as 
well as how much touble you're going to be in if you do have a bad site and 
land in DKA.  Are you one who can take care of it at home with glucoses at 
500 and high ketones or is this going to be a hospital stay, or worse.  I use 
the sils, am not thin (though working on it!) so I doubt I was on muscle, and 
the last insertion was a bad one.  Never could really see what the 
obstruction was, maybe scar, but the only fix was to change out.

While I have never had the comas, seizures or other serious consequences of 
going way hi or way low, the more likely you are to experience these, the 
less likely I would be to try a before bed change out.  

It also is a lousy way to start the day to wake up 500, vomiting, in DKA 
(even if you can deal with it at home) and lose work or school (though in my 
case, this was a night pull out, not a bedtime set change.)

Since I am usually up till at least 11, I find 8 pm, after I've put the kids 
to bed, a good time.  As someone has pointed out, this does mean that if 
there IS a problem, you are mucking around with it instead of going to bed 
and then setting alarms to check things out again in the wee hours.

Just my $.02 worth 
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