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[IP] RE: What NOT to say to your IDD child

Please put this list together!!!!  As a parent I would love to read it and as 
a teen ager -- I'm sure Andrea would love to post it on the refrigerator 
(with specific questions highlighted!!)  Andrea is a good sport --but I know 
she wants to tell us to get lost sometimes -- Parents have a hard time 
knowing when to let go of every little detail (the younger your child was 
diagnosed, the harder it is to stop asking those questions).  The amazing 
thing (to a non-diabetic parent) is that here is a kid who can never remember 
where she put her shoes, yet she continually takes responsibility for 
remembering glucose tablets, shots, snacks, etc.  So ----- why can't I 
realize that she will take care of herself - even if she is barefoot???????
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