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Re: [IP] when to change set...

Ellen, if you go to bed with a good BG around 100, it is not possible to go
into DKA by morning even if you totally disconnected.  For me, I'd wake
with a BG of 250 - 300 if that ever happened.  I'd then take a shot of 5 U
of H, and fix the set.  But as I said, this has never happened in a year
and a half, and  I doubt it happens very often in anyone afer the honeymoon
period on the pump.   If you don't feel comfortable doing that with your
son, I can sympathize with your concerns, having young kids of my own.  But
if others feel more comfortable with their own bodies and their diabetes,
there is no reason not to insert at night if that is convenient.

<<<<<<<<<<<<Wayne wrote:  "I do it whenever it needs it.  When I first
started, I
believed the
literature about not changing before bed, but now in fact I think it is
probably one of the better times.   If for some reason, the insertion is a
total failure (which has only happened once in a year and a half, and then
it was immediatly obvious because the prime bolus wouldn't go in),  then
you will wake up high in the morning, for not having the basal.  Things
could be a lot worse...."

I completely disagree with your theory Wayne....I would NEVER change my son's
infusion set before bed.  If there's a problem - DKA can ensue pretty darn
fast during the night without any insulin.  We try to change the set before
dinner.  That gives us time to correct anything before he goes to bed.  We
try to check bgs 2 and 4 hours after a site change.

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