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Re: [IP] Carb/BG/Insulin Ratios

If you read my last post you would know that glucose tabs don't do much for
me...but maybe if I drank 4oz of OJ I could see the same results.  Or ate 4

As for the insulin/carb ratio I have some shocking yet good news..so far.

Old Insulin Schedule w/sliding High Bg scale:
Breakfast(6am-9am) : 28N 14R
Dinner (5pm-8pm)     : 14R
Bedtime(10pm-1am):  12N

New Schedule:
Breakfast :   24N ?H
Lunch       :    ?H
Dinner     :     ?H
Bedtime  :   13N

so the H varies on what I eat and the bedtime NPH had to go up a little
since the H was wearing off earlier then my R was.

here is the shocker.  Normally I was taking 14R at dinner time, but since I
switched to H a few days ago I have been having severe hypos about 3 hours
after taking it.   so tonight I made a wild guess and decided on a 1/10
ratio of insulin/carb.  Ate 30g Carb for dinner and
took 3uH.  Granted normally I was taking 14R for this.   Dinner time when I
took it my bg was 70mg/dL , one hour later 95 mg/dL, two hours 93 mg/dL
which is perfect in my book.  Can you imagine if I took the 14.  It makes me
dizzy just thinking about it.

also, I did the 1u test this afternoon.  I had miscalculated for lunch and
was running 175 so decided to try.  three hours after taking 1u H I was 70
(that was dinner).  So that is a 100 pt. drop.  Scary since my sliding scale
was 1u/50 pts over.  EEEK!  That would explain all my morning and evening
hypos I have been having.

Its wild that with H these ratios can change.  good thing I am noticing them
now before going on the pump.  What I really like is that I no longer need a
bedtime snack.  If I eat one my bgs are high in the morning, if I don't they
are perfect so far.  YEAH!

sorry so long,

>Carb/bg is easy. Test, eat 2 glucose tablets then test again in 20
>minutes. You should be able to get repeatable results on separate
>days or many hours apart. Just take the difference between the
>readings and calculate the ratio.  There are HOWTO's on the web site
>covering this and the whole ratio/basal thing.

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