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Re: Re : [IP] Camps

>From: Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted>\

>Reply-To: email @ redacted  Focus was on swimming,
>arts and crafts, hikes, camp-wide treasure hunts, skits, dances, etc.
>focus was on camp stuff.  No one was criticized for their control.  in
>I don't remember once being told what I was doing was wrong, or not as
>as what "Jane" was doing.

     I didn't mean that anyone actually SAID that so and so wasn't as good 
as "Jane'" -- I meant that to a certain personality type (PERFECTIONISTS, 
like myself) it can SEEM like criticism when someone points out a better way 
to do things or even makes innocuous comments.  Rebellious teenage boys do 
tend to be a tad defensive, so camp may not be the best place for a guy 
who's not even taking his insulin.  Let me state for the record that I have 
nothing against camp for those of you who enjoy it, but I don't, never will, 
and you can't convince me to go!  It wouldn't work for ME, but more power to 
those of you who like it!
Just trying to give another point of view.

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