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Re: [IP] oral surgery and the pump

Betsy, you really need to ask your endo.  I will tell you that I had 
outpatient surgery in the morning and had no problem whatsoever.  My endo had 
told me to reduce my basal rate, but I chose not to because I have a dawn 
phenomenon jump and I didn't think I needed to.
The anesthesiologist was very concerned about my going low.  They would 
rather you be very high than go low.  My bgs were perfect during surgery and 
afterward, but even that bothered him.  He didn't like that I was 100.  He 
wanted my bg to be higher.  Oh well, I liked it.  If you don't have much 
experience with this I would ask your endo.  They definitely play it safe.  
My basal rate at the time was very good and I did keep my pump on throughout. 
 I thought the stress of surgery would send me high, but it didn't.  The 
problem with this is everyone is different and you probably will have to 
adjust according to how your son deals with stress and how that affects his 
bg.  ellen
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