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[IP] Camp

Let's face it -- camp (any type) just isn't for everyone.  And every camp for 
kids with diabetes is different in their emphasis.  Andrea loves it -- but I 
know by next year (when she's 15) she will have outgrown the need for it.    
The one thing the camp did for her was to give her a sense of being able to 
handle things without parents around when she was first diagnosed 6 years 
ago.  Since then -- it's just been fun -- She's now branching out into all 
sorts of other camps -- Cross Country camp, etc. and I know she can handle 

I've always felt that maybe the camps for kids with diabetes help the parents 
more than the kids. They give parents peace of mind and teach us that our 
kids can take care of themselves without our asking for a blood test 
everytime they act a little spacey! (which seems to be more and more often 

Liz B.
Mom of Andrea - 4 weeks on the pump -- 1 trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park, 
1 bike trip + 1 week of camp later

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