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Re: [IP] oral surgery and the pump

> My 17 year old son has diabetes and uses an insulin pump.  On July 29, he is
> having his impacted wisdom teeth removed.  Eric, or course, has to go in
> fasting--nothing ot eat or drink after midnight.  Has anyone experienced
> surgery while using an insulin pump?  Any pointers?  I appreciate all
> replys.
> Betsy Smith


Not to long ago i had all 4 of my "wisdom" teeth cracked out (hmm 
maybe thats why i don't think i am as smart as i once was..  8) ..
i had to be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) or atleast 8 hours before.
my suggestion is that as long as you start with a good bg # and 
your basal rate is good his numbers should not move much.. but 
everyday is different.  I would check his sugar before you stop 
eating.  and about 4 hours before he goes in.  then about an hour 
before if his numbers drop low have some milk or a little bit of liquid 
that has protein in it.  (don't do solid food that increases the risk 
that it will still be in the stomach during surgery) also if you do this 
BE SURE to tell the Dr. and the anesthesiologist.  also if he is low 
right before the surgery see if it can be put off for 30 minutes or so.  
remember its better to go into surgery with a little high bg than a 
little low.  is he going to the oral surgeon on an out Pt basis or is 
he going to be in the hospital?

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