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[IP] Re: FW: Memory questions

Three further questions for you, if you please.

1. In of the B5 for SCU3+ (SMS AAM, MSL, DGFT and GUN Page) 
   there is a paragraph which states that the "weapon status displayed
   above OSB #13 shall be the gun status...if the SMS Mode is DGFT or GUN."
   Does this replace the basic MFDS display Weapon Status message, or is 
   this just an old paragraph?  In other words if Gun Status is SAF and
   Wpn Status is ARM, does ARM show above OSB #13, regardless of SMS Mode?
   (Gun status appears near OSB #6 (when DGFT or GUN not in strafe), so 
   wouldn't the status above OSB #13 be redundant?)

Gun Status
RDY=3 (equivalent to 7 in weapon status)

Weapon Status

The MFDS always receives both a weapon status and a gun status from the SMS.
Which ever status is higher in value is the one that is displayed above OSB 13.
In most instances the status displayed at OSB 6 and OSB 13 will be the same.

2. TGP in menu (or control) page, DF022 goes invalid, TGP OFF page displays,
   DF022 again is valid.  Does the TGP format display the base page, or 
   does it return to menu (or CNTL)?            Base page.

3. FCR mode change kicks FCR format out of (A-A or A-G) programmable 
   declutter and displays the appropriate page, even if mode changes
   from an A-A mode into another A-A mode?          It will always go to the appropriate base page.

Randy Nilson
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