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Re: [IP] 507C possible sale

At 12:23 PM 7/1/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 > I have a 507C that I have been using for approx. 3 mths. I did fairly good
 >with control but did better with needles.I did not like when the inset would
 >come out by accident and BPs would jump tp 500-600 before I realized it had
 >come out, so I am considering selling my pump. I thought I would put this
 >message out to members and see what kind of feedback I would

What type of infusion sets are you using? I've only had a Silhouette fall 
out once (and I think I snagged it by mistake). You also may also need to 
investigate different tapes. Some of them work better than others.

Don't sell your pump... it sounds like this is just an infusion set issue, 
not a pump problem. Ask questions here, so that we can help.


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