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[IP] Saline in pump for a month?

When I was to the diabetes center a month ago, they instructed me how to use 
the infusion set and I hooked myself up that day.  I was told to come back in 
a month to go live with insulin.  During this time I decided to stay on the 
pump using the saline so I could get use to setting up the infusion sets and 
wearing the pump so when I went live I could concentrate on the carb ratio 
thing and actually working the pump.  If I just would have practiced once 
with the infusion set and didn't come back for a month, I would have known 
nothing when I had to go live with the insulin.  I didn't need to learn 
everything at one time.  By the time I go back, I will be experienced at 
setting things up which will take some of the stress out of this and cause 
less problems.

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