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Re: [Fwd: TFS Delivery Failure: Re: [IP] when to change set...]

At 12:11 PM 7/1/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >At 08:21 AM 7/1/1999  Donna wrote:
 >>> Your message to the following recipients was undeliverable:
 >>> email @ redacted
 >>has anyone else gotten this before?  I sent the original message to insulin
 >>pumpers.  the message got to insulin pumpers but I got this response too. I
 >>also gotten email that was not addressed to me but others on the ip list.
 >The original message may have had other recipients in the either the "To:"
 >"Cc:" (carbon copy) fields. If your mailer is set to reply to all, then you
 >may have unknowingly replied not only to this list, but to any other people
 >in the "To:" and "Cc:" fields. The solution is to make sure that your email
 >program is not automatically replying to all and also to check the header of
 >all replies to make sure that both the "To:" and "Cc:" fields are accurate.

Ooops!! I take it all back. I also started getting the same errors today... 
nothing in my reply headers indicate why.  Hmmm!!


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